Ms. Webb and the Prom Planning Committee

An interview with Legacy counselor Ms. Audra Webb.


Rayne Gillette, Writer

Prom: perhaps one of the most riveting and recognizable experiences from a student’s high school career. Since Legacy High School’s prom is fast approaching (on April 9th), we decided to sit down with prom planning committee sponsor Ms. Webb to discuss her memories of her prom experience and the activities of Legacy’s prom planning club.

1. Did you attend your high school prom? If so, what was your experience like? 

I did. I attended both my junior and senior prom. So when I was in high school, you had to be a junior or senior (to attend prom). I honestly don’t really remember my junior prom. I think it was at the Convention Center. And that’s all I remember about it. I definitely remember my senior prom. My senior prom was in a hotel castle ballroom. I remember the theme; I remember taking a picture with my date; I remember dancing. I mean, this was over 20 years ago. Yes, it was definitely something that was special to me. I still have my dress. It was black with white piping kind of on the edges, and it was long. 

2. Why do you run the Legacy prom club? Was there anything that drew you to this role?

Yeah, so I just love being involved, especially as a counselor; I don’t get out of the counseling office very often, so I love being able to be involved with students.What drew me to prom is because it’s planning a big party. I want it to be inclusive. I want everyone to feel welcome, even if they just come for a short amount of time, and that’s fun. One of the counselors that used to work here, Miss Pierce, and I started it together. It was really fun to do it together.

3. What is your favorite prom theme you’ve ever planned?

Well, COVID kind of caused hiccups. I was really excited for the 2020 Roaring 20s. I’m really excited this year, because we’re kind of bringing that back a little bit with The Great Gatsby,but that so far has been my favorite theme. I’ve only been doing it a couple years. And so I’ll have a whole lot of themes on my belt. I’ve attended lots of prompts here as a chaperone. I’m definitely excited to roll out the 1920s again and do The Great Gatsby

4. What are your predictions for the trendy prom styles for this year?

I’m curious to see what the new fashion styles are – we’re going to get a sneak peek of some of them at the Movie night (We’re gonna have a prom movie night to kick off the theme.). I’m wondering if the attendees will embrace the 1920s theme. And if they do, that’ll be amazing, because that’s lots of feathers and flapper dresses and zoot suits – that whole kind of classic era of the 20s. And so I’m excited to see if there’s anybody that is bold enough to come in those themes, but I just love seeing anything. Anybody likes to wear whatever they feel comfortable with, whatever you know, sets them apart or makes them feel unique and they can express themselves. So it’s just fun to see everyone’s interpretation.

5. Why should students join the Legacy prom planning committee?

It’s fun, and you get to come to prom. So even if you’re an underclassmen, if you help plan prom, you get to attend prom. Obviously, you have to work a shift during it, so it’s not like you just get to come and hang out. But it’s fun. It’s a party. There’s something for everyone, so whether you’re artistic and want to help with a design, whether it’s creating a poster or the designing of the ticket, or if you’re really social and want to make phone calls and set up something; I feel like there’s something for everyone on prom committee. It’s the more the merrier. It’s all grades. And so that’s why I think people should join prom committee.

6. What are the benefits of having students from all grade levels participating in planning prom?

Well, my theory is if you help plan an amazing prom, it’s good karma and it will come back to you. Especially for my underclassmen and my juniors. If you put that time and effort into making the seniors have an amazing, wonderful, magical Senior Prom, that will come back to you as well, because hopefully that will keep paying it forward and that karma will keep coming back and paying each class forward. So that’s why I love that all grade levels can participate and kind of pay it forward and preparation for their magical, you know, last prom of their high school career.

7. How can the Legacy student body support you and the prom committee during this planning process?

Come to meetings. They’re every Wednesday in D107. Me and Miss Hanselman run them. Come to meetings, see where you can jump in. And definitely if you’re not planning on attending prom the whole night or even if you want to help and do half and half – we would love to have you. We’ve got workers that kind of work the coat check, we’ve got refreshments, we’ve got pictures going on. If you want to come help, we would love to have you! Stop by D107 on Wednesdays right after school and see where we can put you.

Please come and support your Legacy prom planning committee this Thursday – March 31st – by attending their showing of The Great Gatsby! It takes place right here at Legacy High School at 7pm in the small gym! Bring five dollars and a blanket! Students from all grade levels are welcome to come.