Unfortunate Loss at Saturday’s Game


Ally Thomason, Secretary

Last Saturday, the boys’ basketball team went head-to-head with Broomfield in a rivalry match. The stands were full of both people and anticipation over the game and its outcome. Unfortunately for Legacy, Broomfield managed to snatch the win during this nail-biting game, winning with an 8-point lead. I had the opportunity to talk to both the assistant coach and the head coach for the team. Here’s what they had to say:

Assistant coach:

Q: How did you feel about [Saturday’s] game?

A: It didn’t go very well. our team doesn’t trust our offense. Going forward will improve on trusting our other players.

Q: Which players played exceptionally well?

A: Both Tavien Lopez and Bryce Spralding played really well during the game

Q: How do you feel going forward, especially about the playoffs?

A: I feel good going forward. well be practicing very hard to prepare

“We have eight or nine games before the playoffs, and we’ll be going hard for them”


Head Coach Clay:

Q: How did you feel about Saturday’s game?

A: Sh***y. We didn’t play very well and the other team played very well

Q: How prepared do you feel for playoffs?

A: We have a long way to go

Q: (of course the obligatory question) Will we crush Broomfield next time?

A: Yes

After this loss, our boy’s team is ready to bounce back and hit the competition even harder than before.