The Hold Part 1


Fun Fact!: This picture was taken February 11th, 2022. The day of the second hold of the school year. Not like it’s impressive or anything…

Charlotte Lussier, Writer and Comic Artist

The Golden Academy for Gifted Children (GAGC) has as ridiculous name as well as reputation. But most parents don’t know that. They think about their perfect children, and how much of a great school the kids are going to.

Needless to say, the parents think too highly of their children.

The special eighth-grade students who were at this school are none other than the McKennly quintuplets. Don’t be deceived by Chandler’s story, Cornelia isn’t actually one of the quintuplets, and neither is Brynn. The family was edited for privacy reasons. And Embry wanted to be older in the story.

Now, onto the story.

The snow piled high in front of the school, and Cody was worried that they’ll get snowed in.

“When our parents have to dig through the snow and get their ‘golden children’ they’ll be sorry,” Cody mutters under his breath.

“Why do I think it’s going to happen now,” Embry replied.

“Because it is.” Cody giggled.

The quintuplets walked to their first class, leaving younger sister Brynn in the dust. She moaned and walked around the school, trying to find her math class. But she didn’t find her math class, she just found worried adults talking quickly into their walkie-talkies.

“What this about?” Brynn asked, the adults didn’t listen.

“Brynn McKennly,” Dr Rileson walked up to Brynn with a smug grin on his face. “May I see you for a moment.”

Brynn looks around. “Did I cause this? Did I cause whatever the teachers are worried about? Because I haven’t done anything violent in my life. I only thing I did was silly string your–”

“That’s enough,” Dr Rileson said. “Come to my office.”

Brynn sighed. “You know Miranda told me about the winds of change coming. And she doesn’t really like you that much. The two creepiest people in my family think you’re a pain-the–”

“Brynn!” Dr Rileson snapped. “That’s enough. Did you not hear me? Come to my office this instant.”


Cody spent all of Social Studies claiming he’d lit the textbook on fire.

“No! What did it smell like! That’s what I asked.” Michael yelled in the middle of the small-government lesson.

“Whatdoya think fire smells like?” Cody snapped back. “Smoke.”

“You people are so annoying,” Embry muttered. But Chandler spoke up:

“The ghosts weren’t happy with you burning the book. They believe everyone needs to learn, especially since they didn’t.”

The whole table group stared at Chandler concerningly.

“Where’s Jamie Clint these days?” Michael asked leaning back on the chair.

“Oh just with his new friend,” Embry said.

“Oh really?!” Michael gasped. “Willow?! HOW?! Jamie Clint isn’t in that girl’s league at all.”

“But they’re just–” Embry tried to say, but Cody interjected.

“Don’t get your hopes up, she dates a new boy every week,” Cody muttered.

Michael leaned forward. “I wouldn’t think that. This looks like the real thing.”

Everyone in the classroom thought Michael had said something shocking because he was leaning pretty close to Em’s face. They waited to see the reaction.

“Mr Jones,” The teacher said. “Why are you leaning really close to Em.”

The whole class laughed and Michael’s face turned red. “Let’s get back to reading,” The teacher said.


“Where’d Camber go?” Brynn asked absolutely no one, she wandered around the principal’s office. “I thought me and Camber did the prank, and it was hysterical.”

Brynn picked up a clay bulldog sitting on Dr Rileson’s desk. “He’s taking forever. I mean, how long do you really need to interview a 13-year-old? It would be like this:

Camber, will you tell me why you did that prank?


I will call your parents.

Call them, they won’t care.



Brynn looked out the window. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”


“I can’t wait till next year.” Jamie Clint muttered. “Then we’ll have pizza every day.”

“Yeah right,” Cody said. “There’s probably a weekly limit at a gifted school like this.” Cody looked up to the ceiling with a smug face, mocking the school teachers. “I’m sorry James you’ve reached your pizza limit. We need to keep our bodies as healthy as our minds.”

“That’s why they don’t have anything good,” Chandler said in realization.

Embry looked out the window. “Hey everyone seems panicked or something.”

“It’s Forgotten Towne,” Jamie Clint, Cody, and Chandler said in unison.

Embry sighed and shook her head. “They seem more worried than normal.”

“It’s Forgotten To–” Cody said before getting cut off by an announcement.

“Attention students, please stay where you are. There is a situation being dealt with. Stay where you are.”

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?” Cody said, he then continued to mock the same teacher. “Oh no! There’s something going wrong! Nothing’s supposed to go wrong in a rich school! NOOOOOOOOO!”

“My god.” Jamie Clint muttered.

“JAMIE!” Willow ran over to Jamie Clint. “What’s happening?!”

“If I don’t know how can anyone?” Embry said.

“Isn’t that Miranda’s jo–” Cody said before getting cut off again by a bang.

“Well that’s weird,” Chandler said. “The ghosts don’t say anything’s going wrong.”

“Well, obviously something’s going wrong because–” Cody was interrupted by footsteps, frantic footsteps.


The four quintuplets turned around to see Brynn, out of breath standing in front of them. “Hi.” She said. “You wanna hear a crazy story?”

“Uh…sure,” Embry said.

“So, I was sitting in the principal’s office, right? And he was all like, ‘you’re in big trouble Brynn I’m going to talk to you.’ Then he left me in the room so naturally, I looked around his place. I saw this weird clay bulldog that was from his kid apparently. It looked so weird and it–”

“Get to the point.” Jamie Clint muttered under his breath.

“SOOOOOO…I looked out the window and saw some strange stuff going on, so to get out of the classroom I–”

“You don’t have to explain it,” Willow said.

“Alright. But the whole time I was wondering where Camber was, but I don’t see him anywhere. HE’S GONE!”

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Embry asked.

“Poof! Vanished. This is a stupid magic trick,” Brynn said.

Chandler stood up. “We gotta go.”

“Why?” Embry asked.

“We just do,” Chandler replied. “Also the principal must hate our guts. He’s sending a whole search party to us.”

Cody said: “What the–”