The Fire Project

As the snow fell slowly outside as the fire crackled in the room. A child added another log to the fire, while a young pregnant lady sat in the back. Three teenagers were gathered around the fire, staring in amazement. Other kids are shivering and cowering in the corner.
One of the teenagers, with brown hair and sharp green eyes, crumples up a piece of paper and threw it into the fire.
“Did you just throw your chem homework in there?” A red head with hair just below her shoulders yelled.
“No!” The boy replied. “I was just…”
“Stop trying to lie. We all know you did it.” The red head laughed.
The green-eyed kid ran his hand through his curls. “Sorry…”
Cyan and Sonny Blythe were the twin red heads who had just arrived at the school. They fit in just like everyone else, proper, kind and smart. At least, that was how they seemed.
The teacher had told the twins to work with Logan.
The fire project was meant to take a day, but it had dragged on to another day. Still, no student had figured out how to make a fire.
“Look at us.” Cyan muttered. “A bunch of geniuses who can’t figure out how to make a fire.”
“I can make a fire!” Sonny exclaimed. “Just give me some matches.”
“No matches.” Two girls said in unison.
“This class is so stupid.” Sonny sighed.
There’s a large bang at the door. The students turned to the door, and Ms. Gonzalez waddled to the door. When she opened it a junior pushes her out of the way. He had silver curly blonde hair, and was wearing a Maine sweatshirt.
“Hey high schoolers!” He screamed.
The students waved absently, except for Cyan and Sonny.
“Yo cuz!” Sonny yelled back. “What’s happening?”
“Guys, the school’s closed.” Sonny’s cousin said. “Why are you still here?”
“Are are you talking about Gordo.” Cyan muttered. “The school never closes.”
Gordon sighed. “What am I going to do with you people.”
Ms. Gonzalez stared at her phone. “Oh, I was never supposed to come today. Oops.”
Cyan shook her head. “Seriously. Amory’s sister is the worst.”Amory nodded in agreement.
The students from the classroom emerged into the empty hallways. The lights were off and the floors creaked ominously. Fifteen students headed out the main doors and out to the cold snowy winter.
“I’m going to Wellmarket does anyone want to come?” Cyan asked.
In the end Cyan, Sonny, Gordon, Logan, and Amory.
“Why am I going here?” Gordon asked. “Last time I bought popcorn I found a whole rat in it.”
“Yep, seriously Logan.” Gordon sighed.
“I say we get as much food as possible and see how many animals we can find.” Sonny suggested.
“I’m down for that.” Cyan answered.
By the time they arrived at Wellmarket, the snow had slowed down. They entered the store, or at least tried to.
Gordon cursed. “This stupid door won’t open. I want my stretchy Oreos!”
“Aww come on.” Sonny complained.
“Don’t worry,” Amory said, casually pulling out a sledgehammer.
“Oh shoot.” Cyan said. “Are you gonna break the–”
Amory took the sledgehammer, hitting the glass and cracking it open.
“Isn’t this considered breaking an entry?” Logan asked.
“Who cares.” Sonny replied.
The five of them walked into the store. The lights were cut out and everything was pitch black. The only light was a small lamp placed at the front table of the store that told everyone, “Welcome.”
“Yo.” Sonny said, pointing at the lamp. “There’s a note.”
“Well that’s not ominous.” Cyan muttered. “It’s clearly not in English.”
“Let me see.” Gordon grabbed the note. “Yeah, I guess you could–”
“Who are you talking to?” Amory asked.
“No one. Let’s see.” Gordon scanned over the note.
Gordon read the note out loud. “We know who you are.”
Amory shook their head. “Seriously, that is so stupid.”
The pipes above them creaked ominously, the five of them looked up.
“What was that?” Cyan asked.
“I don’t know,” Gordon replied. “But I say we run.”
“Yep.” Sonny agreed.
They swiftly ran out of Wellmarket, not stopping until they reached the school.