How to Survive the Holidays

How to Survive the Holidays

Andrew Hammond, Advice editor

The holidays are upon us. For some of us that means a joyous holiday to relax and eat a little too much, but for others that means family drama, horribly cooked food you have to choke down, and trying to get your grandpa to stop talking about politics. The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, so let’s talk about how to survive them!


  • Don’t ruin people’s celebrations! There are many different ways to celebrate the holidays, and it’s important to remember that they exist. So don’t go around ruining the holiday for others, show them some respect!
  • Try to take the opportunity to relax! As stressful as the holidays can be, you have a break from school! Once it gets here, take this opportunity to loosen up! Don’t stress yourself out, just relax.
  • Try to come closer to your family! The holidays are known for getting together with your family, whether they be kind or rude, it’s probably best if you try to be nice to them.


I guess that wasn’t much of an advice article, but everyone has different circumstances, and I can’t exactly write through all of them. If you really need more help talk to your support system and get help. So, happy holidays!


Photo courtesy of Women United Online