Dance Your Way to Happiness


2018 StarQuest International

Avery Coates, center

Isabella Hammond

Dancing comes in countless different styles: contemporary, hip-hop, ballroom, and many more. It has numerous evident benefits, most of which are related to physical health— it is an excellent sport to get involved in. In fact, according to the National Health Service, dancing regularly can lead to better posture, improved balance, and weight loss. It’s well-known for its health advantages, but did you know dance can have a substantial effect on the mind?

Avery Coates, a sophomore who’s been dancing for 3 years, loves dancing weekly at her studio. Dancing has affected her mental state in a positive way through stronger friendships and a healthier state of mind.

Coates typically spends 10 hours a week dancing, and she has gained many friends since joining. She comments, “We are like family in a way. I can talk to the older girls about a problem in my life and they know just what to say.”

Besides the advantage of friends to talk to, dance can have a stupendous effect on the brain. According to Joe Verghese, M.D. from Women’s Health, it can make the brain rewire itself. So when you create happy memories from dance and the more time you spend dancing, the happier you will become.

Source: Inside the Brain

So if you’re feeling curious, or have always wanted to dance and never started, now’s the time! Coates mentioned, “I used to be super lazy. I didn’t want to go out and do things. Now I am motivated to go outside and enjoy life instead of sitting around all day bored out of my mind.”