Entertainment Review of Cinderella

Serena Ruybal, Writer

Ella is an ambitious girl whose father has passed away leaving her with her evil stepmother and her unique daughters, who wants to promise her off to Thomas Cecil, an older wealthy man in the town. Ella’s stepsisters and stepmother have given her the nickname of Cinderella as she is always covered in dirt and cinders. Ella is a dress designer who dreams to open a dress shop of her own. The prince makes a royal appearance to announce his ball and falls in love with her at first sight. After he buys Cinderella’s homemade dress he makes her promise to attend the ball. Cinderella does go to the ball but only after she makes her own dress. However, jealous of Ella, her stepmother destroys the dress. After Ella’s stepmother destroyed her dress her fabulous godmother appears and makes her a dress to go to the ball. Ella goes to the ball and meets with Queen Tatiana who offers her a job as a designer which she takes up. The prince also finds her and asks her to marry him; however, she says no, as she doesn’t think she is good enough. Cinderella doesn’t make it home on time and loses all the magic except for one slipper The stepmother finds the slipper and tries to convince Cinderella to marry the prince but Ella has other dreams. The stepmother then arranges for Ella to marry Thomas. On the way to marry him, Ella jumps out of the carriage and meets up with the prince who says he will give up being king for her and they end up together. They both then go to town and meet up with Queen Tatiana, who hires her. They then travel the world together. 

This jukebox musical had it all. The movie took big risks such as breaking princess stereotypes. Princesses don’t always have to find their prince charming, they can choose themselves over marriage. The actors have done an incredible job, and you can really see the chemistry between Ella and Robert. The pop songs in the movie are catchy and easily get stuck in your head. It was cute, romantic & musically driven. This remake was definitely not your normal Cinderella remake. I strongly recommend watching the movie as the message of putting yourself first was beautifully executed.