Not Even Bones

Ally Thomason, Secretary

5/5 stars


Not Even Bones is the first book in the series that follows a young woman named Nita who doesn’t exactly have a clean record. She enjoys dissecting supernatural creatures called “unnaturals” and gives the parts to her mother. Things take a turn for the worse when her mother brings back a live specimen for her to butcher. After Nita helps this “specimen” escape, she is sold in his place and ends up in the “Death Market”. No person would want to end up here, especially since Nita isn’t human herself.


I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. There is a wonderfully crafted sense of terror that stayed in my mind as I followed Nita along in her struggles. Each of the issues that she faced felt real and impactful, and made it easy to relate to her struggle. Most of the characters were very fleshed out and had multiple personality traits that defined them (except the occasional thug 1 & thug 2). Every twist was well crafted and well placed. I don’t think I remember how many times I had to stop reading out of shock