A Tale of Two Bands: Legacy and Westlake Play Together

8th grade band students from Westlake Middle School play with Legacy’s band for the first time at the Pinkout Game.


8th graders Jacob Harper (far left), Cassidy Atha (left), Payton Lindeman (right), and senior Harrison Pfeifer (far right).

Isabelle Atha

On October 18, Legacy played their annual “Pink Out” game against the Fossil Ridge SaberCats from Fort Collins. It was a bittersweet last game night for seniors, and an exciting night for Westlake Middle School’s 8th grade Concert Band. The eighth graders got a taste of performing at the high school level when they accompanied Legacy’s band in the bleachers for the first time this year!


When asked what his favorite part about his concert band is, eighth grade trumpet player Jacob Harper said, “I think my favorite part is basically playing great music and playing other kinds of music, as well as getting together with everyone.”


Harper stated that his favorite part about playing with Legacy’s band was “trying out and beginning with and getting the feel of [high school band], while also getting excited.”

During halftime, the marching band played two movements from their show, “Out of the Ashes”, and it was stunning!



At the game, the Lightning Letter also interviewed senior trumpet player Harrison Pfeifer after his halftime performance:


What is your favorite part about band?


My favorite part really is just the family atmosphere. I love all the people in my section and in all of this band with all my heart, and I’m going to miss them so much after this night. But, overall, they’re amazing people. I have such good memories—all the blood, sweat, and tears we put together. I’ll never forget this stuff, and if I could do it all over again, I’d do it again.


What has band taught you?


Band has taught me to be a leader, it’s taught me to be a better person, and most importantly, it’s taught me the true meaning of family.


Is there any advice that you would want to give for any incoming freshman that want to join the band?


Hey, to all those freshman out there: no matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter how many friends you got: band is here, and you will meet so many awesome people and so many amazing people. You’ll have the greatest time of your life. Please join, and I’ll come visit! And come meet me!


Overall, another great performance from the band!