Entertainment Review ― The Book Thief


Lindsay Uba, President

“Here’s a small fact―you are going to die.”

This is the introduction of the excellent story, The Book Thief. Narrated by Death, this realistic fiction follows the adventures of Liesel Meminger, a foster child to the kind Hans Hubermann and strict Rosa Hubermann. As World War II rages, Liesel meets a variety of characters and develops a secret liking for books. 

The Book Thief has been introduced to me during 7th grade, to which I had to write a report. Despite the upcoming dreadful assignment, this has been the only book that I absolutely loved. From the beginning, author Markus Zusak develops his characters using beautiful imagery and colors, which realistically develops them, but also allows room for the reader’s imagination. Zusak additionally uses this technique to form dimensionality for the characters―something that allowed me to connect and sympathize with the story.

Not only does he develop the characters, but he personifies the narrator: Death. Despite its negative connotation, Death is shown to be a wise and neutral figure. This aspect further strengthened my adoration for this book since this aspect made it unique and “spicy”.

Finally, without giving anything away, the ending is wonderful. Due to the aspects mentioned above, it shook my heart, my mind, and my soul. It was slightly unexpected but still welcomed nonetheless.

Overall, The Book Thief develops a great story that resonates with the reader. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves fiction, history, or just wants to feel emotions―because you will have many emotions.