Prom Fashion Show


Kandice Chandra

Vanson Harris modeling in the Prom Fashion Show.

Kandice Chandra, Contributor

On a cold February night, the Prom Fashion Show at Legacy took place, where juniors and seniors strutted their stuff across the stage in the auditorium. 


There were beautiful, floor-length gowns and charming tuxedos that were all prime examples of what prom night may look like.


With the news that this year’s 2020 prom is going to be “A Gatsby Gala,” the auditorium was decorated accordingly with gold and silhouette cutouts of saxophone and trumpet players. The show started accordingly with emcees John Connely and Jason Chamberlain cracking jokes and introducing the first group of models. 


A wide variety of dresses floated across the stage from local vendors like Dillard’s and David’s Bridal which really showed the latest styles and trends for this year’s prom. Dashing tuxedos were also sported from vendors like Men’s Wearhouse and Al’s Formal Wear. 


The main highlight of the evening, however, were the dance numbers that were performed by those in the fashion show. After a couple of weeks of practice, the performers were ready to debut their dances they had been working on.


“The dances are definitely better than the catwalks but there’s nothing more humbling than hearing Gaffin tell you to stop walking like a man or telling you to fix your face while dancing.””

— Senior Zelly Moore on her favorite part of the show


The first group did a show-stopping dance to “Dose” by Ciara and had a quick change in the number to reveal neon colored outfits. The second group grooved to “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa and had fun tricks in the beginning. 


For the guys, they knocked it out for their dance with full cowboy outfits, complete with jorts and boots. They moved to “Ignition” by R. Kelly. After that, there was an intermission with door prizes from various local vendors!


Overall, the whole night was filled with noise and energy from the crowd and was definitely an entertaining show. The school was even adorned with limo and boutique vendors for the occasion! Juniors and seniors, if you missed it, be sure to attend the Gatsby Gala April 25th at the Mile High Station!