Entertainment Review – The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special


Rayne Gillette, Writer

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special was a fun romp with lovable characters and catchy songs.

When I first put this special on, I was overcome with a feeling of great fear: the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has never done me wrong, but I can’t help but worry over specials. I feel like they’re often hit or miss, and I would have hated to have been disappointed by this special. Lucky for little pessimistic me, this special was truly enjoyable.

The premise goes a little something like this: Peter Quill (or Starlord) feels great dread about the holiday season due to losing loved ones, so his crew members Mantis and Drax want to make the holiday season better. Mantis and Drax steal the Milano, Quill’s beloved spaceship, and venture off to Earth to kidnap one of Earth’s greatest heroes: Kevin Bacon. After all, what’s more impressive than saving a whole town through dancing? There’s some unfortunate mishaps, silly Christmas decorations, and new holiday music (which will become staples on my playlists), but in the end, all is well for this ragtag team.

The special tackles the process of grief and the importance of family under the guise of a careless holiday piece. Quill obviously feels a great deal of pain after losing his father figure Yondu and his love Gamora, and he must push through this pain while managing the affairs of the Guardians. A special such as this is inherently lighthearted, but this does not mean that there are no impactful or relatable themes explored throughout the special. Grief is a draining feeling, but we must remember that are always things worth our excitement; this special does a great job at communicating this message while still not taking itself seriously. The general consensus among fans is that this special is in juxtaposition to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.  In other words: You might as well enjoy this sweet piece before the next project rips your heart out.

It must be said that this special is still rather comical. If you are seeking a philosophical marvel of a film – one that questions the very depths of human nature –  I would not recommend this special to you; however, if you are searching for an enjoyable holiday special that differs from your everyday Hallmark movie, this special might be just the thing you need in your life.

All factors considered, I believe the special deserves a solid five out of five little funny men on Kevin Bacon’s lawn. If you have Disney+, I highly suggest you give the special a shot!