Different Holidays in December

Thaeryn Fuller, President

This article is not to make people mad. This is simply to inform people about other holidays during the month of December that isn’t Christmas. 


St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 5th and 6th in Germany. It marks when St. Nicholas (Santa) and Krampus come. St. Nicholas gives presents and treats to children who are good. Krampus kidnaps naughty children and takes them back to his lair for punishment.



Yule is a Pagan holiday starting on December 21st and ending on January 1st. It’s one of the oldest holidays in the world. It’s connected to the Norse god Odin. It changed to Christmas after the Christian reformation (really take over). Many Pagans and Satanists celebrate Yule in keeping with old traditions. 



Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday starting November 28th and ending on December 8th this year. That date changes in the Gregorian calendar.  It’s also known as the Festival of Lights. It signifies the reclaiming of Jerusalem in the 2nd century. It’s observed by lighting eight candles on a menorah. 



Christmas is a Christan based holiday many celebrate, even if not of the Christian faith. Christmas is on December 25th. It commemorates the birth of Jesus. 



Kwanzaa is a spiritual holiday in African- American culture that is similar to Christmas. It starts on December 26th and ends on January 1st.