Ava Blakely

After a tragic accident, Estella escapes to London, where she finds a new family, a new life, and a new passion. As the years pass, she finds comfort in designing fashion pieces, eventually catching the attention of a renowned designer. But after information comes to light, those who’ve wronged her in the past must be careful – this woman’s bite is much, much worse than her bark.


I gave this movie four points out of five. The cinematography, casting, and special effects are all stunning, and mesh well with the tragic backstory of one of Disney’s most infamous and cruel characters. One of the problems I had with this movie, though, was the speed at which Estella went through her metamorphosis into Cruella. In just a few minutes, and with no indication that any amount of time passed, she had gone from the witty, skilled, quiet assistant of the Baroness to the revengeful, independent woman we’ve come to love (or hate). While she was introduced as a ‘different’ child, there’s no excuse for rushed character development. Another issue I had was the motives for Jasper and Horace. While they were vocally and physically displeased with Estella’s sudden shift in behavior, their attitudes are incredibly juxtaposed against their agreeability to come with her after she apologizes – once. There was no clear motivation for their changed minds, which struck me as strange and jarring, and seemed as though it had been done just so they could be included in the climax of the film. Other than the rushed pacing of the film, I found it extremely enjoyable to watch, as its main character wasn’t one of the ‘perfect’ cutouts often seen in Disney movies and media today.