Creepypasta and Urban Legends

Creepypasta and Urban Legends

Thaeryn Fuller and Allyson Thomason

I am back again with some more Creepypasta and urban legends. In this article, I am joined by Ally.  In my last article, I covered Slenderman, Polybius, Jeff the Killer, and Carmen Winstead. These ones are slightly more disturbing the last ones. On that note, get ready for five more scary creepypasta and urban legends. 


Laughing Jack

This story is about a demonic jack-in-the-box clown. In his story, he was a jack-in-the-box that reflected his owner’s personality. In the 1800s, he was sent to a little boy named Isaac Grossman. Isaac became a cold-hearted serial killer who tortured his victims for days on end, until their grotesque death. After witnessing many horrible murders, Laughing Jack became a deranged psychopath. He was soon released from his box and began his reign of terror. He began posing as lonely children’s ‘friend’ to get close to them. Once he was close, he would torture and kill the child. In another story, Laughing Jack attacked a small boy named James and tricked his mother into killing him.


 The Choking Doberman

Do you think Dobermans or dogs, in general, are good pets? This story will definitely make you more appreciative of your dog. This story has multiple variants but has the same basis. An owner of a Doberman went out for an hour or more doing whatever they needed to do and having a fun night out. When they return home, they find their dog, a Doberman, choking on something. The owner takes the dog to the vet and returns home when the dog needs to stay there overnight. When the owner returns home, the vet calls. Instead of the usual of how your pet is doing, the owner gets a warning: leave the house and call the police. The reason for the warning, the Doberman was choking on three or so human fingers. The police found the intruder in a closet upstairs of the Doberman’s owners house. This story actually has some basis in fact as there were stories about dogs choking on fingers in 1981. This story goes back to at least the 1950s, though it could have been earlier.


The Russian Sleep Experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment was an experiment that was testing gas that kept people awake. Russian scientists tested the gas on five people in the late 1940s. The five test subjects where political prisoners from the Second World War. The people were kept awake for 15 days. After four and five days, the subjects had darker thoughts and stopped talking with the other subjects. After nine days, the subjects began to scream for several hours. After fourteen days, there were no reactions from the subjects. When they opened the doors at midnight on the 15th day, the subjects wanted the gas to stay on and with no fresh air coming from outside. When soldiers came into the room, four of the five subjects were alive. The body of the fifth subject was torn apart by the other subjects. The remaining subjects were also torn apart from each other and they tore out many internal organs. One of the subjects died when removed from the chamber. In the end, the soldiers killed the subjects as they were unable to recover from coming out of the gas. 


Candle Cove

The story of Candle Cove starts as a web conversation between four people. These people connect over a television show called ‘Candle Cove’. These people reminisce over this show, but it starts to turn dark. They talk about a character named ‘The Skin-Taker’ who tried to steal the protagonist’s skin. They also chat about an episode where all the characters were screaming and the camera would cut between them. The final message in the chat is an update from one of the people. They reveal that when they would watch this show, they really were staring at dead static for 30 minutes.


Smile Dog 

The story came about on 4Chan when a young writer was saying that they were trying to interview someone named Mary E. Mary, who said they had a story that they didn’t mind having published. This person made a photo that caused insanity to anyone who looked at it. The mysterious person, however, did not talk but was crying and gave the writer a floppy disk with the pictures on it. No exact photo was found but similar pictures were made and circulated around.





The Goatman, better known as Anansi’s Goatman is a shapeshifting human-like creature with a goat head. This creature uses its shapeshifting abilities to infiltrate groups and torture them. There are many stories of the Goatman harassing campers and other people that trek through the woods. The people that do survive the attacks comment on a coppery ozone smell in the area. The Goatman is also seen as a basis for other cryptids, such as Grunch, a lesser-known cryptid. 






Urban legends are definitely creepy. As I said before, many of these are fake but some basis in truth. If you are interested in reading more about any of these, look online. But whatever happens to you, like nightmares, don’t say we didn’t warn you.