The Final Rivalry


Courtesy of Isabelle Atha

Isabelle Atha

My favorite part was the tension between Broomfield and us. It has really high stakes to it, and you just want to give it your all during the game.”

— Andrew Kue

On August 30th, an immense crowd arrived to see the rivalry between Broomfield and Legacy play out one last time during the Mayor’s Cup. Students of all grade levels from both schools gathered outside of North Stadium for tailgating filled with music, food, and fun. A sea of navy stretched out over the parking lot. Everyone was clearly excited to see the pinnacle of high school football games. 


When asked how she felt about this being the last Legacy vs. Broomfield game, junior Courtney Carlson remarked, “The crosstown rivalry game has such a big part in Legacy culture, I can remember going to it freshman year, it’s one of those games that you’ll tell your kids about.”


After a few hours, the music died down, but the school spirit stayed strong. The crowd funneled into the stadium, where the atmosphere was electric, both figuratively and literally. 


A 15 minute lightning delay was announced right before the game was supposed to begin. Despite this, the Legacy student body was having a blast, cheering and singing songs like “Party in the USA” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. 


After the lightning had moved further away, the band struck up the Legacy fight song. The players burst through the banner, and shouts and cheers erupted from the Legacy side. 

Courtesy of Isabelle Atha

The game started. Broomfield scored a touchdown first, but Legacy gained possession of the ball. With 6 minutes left in the first quarter, Legacy pulled ahead of Broomfield with a score of 7-6.


Unfortunately, with 3 minutes left in the quarter, possession went back to Broomfield after Legacy fumbled the ball. The final score for quarter 1 was 7-14, with Broomfield in the lead. 


At the end of the second quarter, Broomfield remained ahead with a score of 13-21.


Poms started off halftime with an energetic and fun performance that got the crowd fired up for the second half. 


Things got even more interesting when a streaker ran across the field wearing only boxers and a horse head. Meanwhile, both sides of the field chanted “free the horse” in unison when he was caught at the end of the stadium. 


As always, the marching band had an absolutely amazing performance. They performed the first two movements of their new show titled “Full Circle”. Everyone involved undoubtedly put in many hours of hard work and dedication. 


In the end, Legacy was defeated by Broomfield with a final score of 13-34. Even though many were disappointed that Legacy lost, everybody still enjoyed the competition and environment. Like Legacy football player Andrew Kue said, “My favorite part was the tension between Broomfield and us. It has really high stakes to it, and you just want to give it your all during the game.” 


As always, the Mayor’s Cup was an epic display of high school rivalry, and spectators, football players, and Poms alike had a wonderful night below the stadium lights. 

Photos Courtesy of Abby Luciano-Brielmaier and Isabelle Atha