Monster Mystery

What to have some spooky fun this Halloween?


Isabelle Atha and Anna Hartwick

From Monday the 22nd to Wednesday the 31st, the Lightning Letter will be holding a Monster Mystery! Have some relaxed fun by walking around the school and discovering creepy clues with friends using QR code scanners to unpiece clue after clue. Here is how it works:

Eight QR codes have been hidden around the school. Download a QR Code Reader on your phone and scan these codes one by one. Each code will lead to a Google Document with a hint and an unscrambled word. Using the hint, unscramble the word!

You will need a copy of the Monster Mystery Clue Sheet below. As you unpuzzle these words, record them in the appropriate place (corresponding with the number on the QR code). The spaces highlighted on this sheet will lead you to the Final Word of the puzzle!

Once you have solved the Final Word, enter it in the Google Form below. Be warned: it only accepts right answers!

When you submit the right answer, your name will be put into a drawing for a candy prize. On Wednesday the 31st, first-place, second-place, and third-place will be drawn randomly for a King-Sized Hershey Bar. The winners will be posted right here in the Lightning Letter! They will be contacted by email to receive their prize.

So prepare to scour the school for some hidden clues and some creepy fun. And Happy Halloween!


Monster Mystery Clue Sheet

Final Word Google Form