Entertainment Review – Komi Can’t Communicate

Entertainment Review - Komi Cant Communicate

Ava Blakely, Writer

I will be the first one to admit that anime isn’t really my thing. Nonetheless, when some of my friends (and my brother) started praising this series, I was intrigued. Not only did the art style look stunning, but most of the people I know have similar interests and tastes to mine. So on New Year’s Eve, at 7:23 pm, I decided to give it a chance.

The main characters (from left to right): Najimi Osana, Shoko Komi, and Hitohito Tadano

Never have I ever regretted listening to my friends less.

Coming in the form of twelve (at the time of writing) 20 minute episodes on Netflix, Komi Can’t Communicate tells the story of a high school girl who has trouble speaking to people. After just one day, she immediately becomes the most popular and admired girl in the school, despite not saying a word to anyone.

A completely average boy named Tadano appears to be the only one to notice this, and after asking her if she’s bad at talking to people, Komi explains herself by writing on the blackboard in the back of the classroom. She has never been able to speak in front of others, and simple sentences like ‘good morning’ or ‘the weather is nice today’ are incredibly difficult for her. She apologizes to Tadano and starts to leave, only to be stopped when he asks her about the weather – by writing it on the board, just as she had done.

Komi and Tadano having a conversation through writing

The two quickly bond as they have a lengthy conversation in one of the most heartwarming scenes in the entire show. Eventually, Tadano asks Komi what her dream is. She responds that she wants to make 100 friends. Tadano answers that he’ll be her first one, and will help her find the other 99.

The next eleven episodes (again, there are a total of twelve as of writing) follow Komi’s journey as she makes friends with various peers at her school and attempts to overcome her social anxiety. As many friends as she makes, she is closest to Tadano, and he is always able to understand what she means and is thinking just based on her posture and stutters.

This show is absolutely stunning. Not only are the characters each unique, but the art style is incredible, and it doesn’t get repetitive. Even as someone who doesn’t normally watch anime, as I said before, I still enjoyed it immensely. It was easy to fall in love with the characters, and the plotline is realistic and simple. Not only that, but the introductory sequence and theme music are both beautiful to listen to and watch.

Because of this, I give the series 5/5 stars, and I recommend it to anyone who likes slice-of-life shows, comics, or books. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of anime, like me, it’s still a good show worthy of being binged just in time for the New Year.