What’s Up With the Floaties?


Kandice Chandra, Staff Member

Have you wondered what those seniors were doing wearing floaties walking around the school? If you want to learn more about this senior tradition, read on to get to know the game called senior assassin!


Here’s the rundown:

  • It’s a senior-only game not directly affiliated with Legacy High School
  • Senior students independently run the game by coming up with the rules and being the judge for eliminations
  • Almost everyone has a partner
  • At the beginning of the week, each team gets an assignment for the partnership they need to eliminate
  • Wearing a pool floaty or lifejacket gives players immunity 
  • Wednesdays and Sundays are often “purge days” where floaties do not provide immunity
  • You can eliminate by soaking players with water (water blasters, buckets, hoses, and water balloons)
  • School grounds are considered a safe zone except for the West student parking lot
  • Sports practice, games, your own home, work, and church are all safe zones
  • No water guns were allowed at school
  • If one partner gets eliminated, the other partner has the ability to “revive” them by eliminating their target team single-handedly that week 
    • If the partner fails to eliminate both players on the target team, the eliminated partner stays eliminated

The game is independently run by senior students and they collected $20 per partnership to amount to a $600 grand prize, $300 second-place prize, and $150 third-place prize. 

“I think to win the game, you have to devote a lot of time. And money. You have to strategically wait people out or persuade people to be bought out. You have to have a certain amount of persuasion and dedication.” ”

— Maddy Rhodes (participant)


There were only 4 teams remaining as of two weeks ago. The game started with 58 teams, but in the first week, over half were eliminated. At the beginning of the second week, there were 24 full teams and 7 solo players. 

In week 3, there were 11 teams and 2 solo players remaining. 

The game then ended with Cameron Shelley and Kaeden Rasmussen as the champions!

Their main strategies included having friends drive them up to their targets then jumping out of the car and soaking them. This strategy proved to work very well and ended up with them getting the dub!

Their favorite part of the game was running away from people trying to get them.

“We liked the action and intensity of the game.””

— Cameron Shelley



Finally, the team is going to give some of the prize money they won back to the judges because they put up with a lot. They are still trying to decide what to do with the rest.

All in all, senior assassin is a pretty complex game that requires strategic moves, deception, and covertness. As someone who did not participate in the game itself but was able to experience it through close friends, I can attest to the fact that it is a thrilling and fun game that many people can enjoy.