Music at Legacy


Kandice Chandra, Staff Member

Music. Whether it’s on your car radio, or blasting through your headphones, let’s face it—music is everywhere. In particular, it’s all over Legacy High School.


With the Spring musical Once Upon a Mattress having its closing show a few weeks ago and orchestra performing in festivals, music seems to be omnipresent at Legacy.


Students even have their own bands that produce their own music. One bands is called Pink Slip. They have five members in their band, two of which go to Legacy. Their band consists of “2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, and 1 singer,” says member Hunter Anderson.


Being a part of a band takes hard work. Behind the scene, members often put in several hours a week on top of their existing schoolwork, activities, and jobs.


Hunter says, “as a band we spend about 2.5-3 hours a week together practicing and writing but we all practice on our own much longer. When we can, we will get as many of us together outside of the normal practice time for a few hours to play. I probably put in 7-8 hours on the guitar each week.”

If you want to check out Pink Slip and their music, Hunter mentioned, “We have all of our songs on SoundCloud under the global sound bands, and we are starting to release our songs on Spotify and Apple Music.”

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They have their own song ‘Down to the Wire’ on both Spotify and Apple Music where you can go have a listen! You can also check them out on Facebook since they play shows about once a month!


In addition to musical activities outside of school, there are plenty of underappreciated organizations within the school. One being the orchestra.


Orchestra, especially Ensemble, also requires a large amount of commitment and hard work. Jade Glaister says, “Outside of class, I probably spend around 3-4 hours a week practicing. Including playing with an ensemble, it is around 12 hours per week, but that varies with the amount of rehearsals we have.”


However, all these hours practicing seem worth it because she adds, “It is really fun to spend time with a group of people that all love music and enjoy playing their instruments, and it helps that everyone in orchestra is really fun and nice to be around.”


In my opinion, we as a community should come and support these musicians more often! Jade agrees and says, “Yes, more people should definitely come to concerts!!”


Jade says, “This includes band and choir since all of us have put a lot of work into the pieces that we play, and, most of the time, this is the only opportunity for us to play these pieces for others.”


Jade also added, “Especially since we always need more members, having support really helps to raise enthusiasm for music and keep students in the program.”


So, next time you hear about a concert, whether its band, orchestra, or student-run, get out and support these talented and hard-working musicians!