How to Survive PE

Andrew Hammond

I know that some people like Physical Education, but if you’re like me, you’ll understand that I don’t find it entertaining in the slightest. I also don’t like sports in general, but if you do, good for you. If you don’t, let’s talk about how to survive your P.E. class.


Don’t be nervous to go in the locker room: I, for one, know how awkward and uncomfortable it is to go in the locker room and change, but my advice for this is to just deal with it. Yes it’s weird, but eventually you can get used to it and realize that no one is judging you.

Participate in class: I know that you maybe don’t want to play pickle ball or tennis or whatever other sports that the class is playing, but you still need to participate. Life can throw a lot of crazy curveballs at you, and some can make you do things that you absolutely despise, just participate.

Don’t get on the coach’s bad side: Now, the person teaching your class has a lot of power, as always, but coaches have some different methods of handling kids who get on their nerves, as you probably already know. Just do yourself a favor and be a good kid.

Make a friend in your class: I hope this goes without saying, but you need to make a friend, like in all of your classes! My introvert friends, being alone in gym is the worst, I would know. Just socialize with people and have a partner when you need to have one.


Well, that’s about it. Most gym classes are only half of a semester, so it shouldn’t be that bad. So, be a decent human being and try to be nice!