Freshman Digest: Surviving the Worst Year of High School Part 2

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Freshman Digest: Surviving the Worst Year of High School Part 2

Andrew Hammond

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Still here? You’re tougher than you look, but it gets harder from here. With Homecoming coming up, actually learning stuff now, and discovering which teachers you like or dislike, it’s madness. You can still make it though. Here’s some more things I wish I had known or done freshman year:


  1. Don’t slack off during class: This might sound annoying for the people that can give half effort and still get an A, but it screws you over! If you plan on graduating or taking an A.P. class in the future, make sure you can give your full effort to avoid being screwed.
  2. Learn not to procrastinate: Again, this is something I have done my entire life, and it’s beginning to manifest itself in my grades. If you want to have an easy time in high school, learn how to do your work on time! It just gets stressful trying to get all your work done at school.
  3. Get help if you need it: Okay, so I know that we, as humans, are wired to think about our reputation, and going to academic support and talking to teachers can feel like you’re ruining that reputation, what that reputation is, I don’t know, but don’t worry, we all struggle with something, so don’t feel like you have to get everything immediately that’s taught in class, go get help.
  4. Learn how to do deal with stress: Stress. My old nemesis. We all hate it, but all have to deal with it, so we might as well learn how to get rid of it or use it positively. Learn how to take a deep breath, and relax. Play a round of Fortnite if that calms you down. Don’t let it get to you!
  5. Control yourself in the halls: The hallways are always chaotic, everyone is constantly screaming, walking ridiculously slow, and constantly cursing. Do us all a favor, don’t do this. Be nice in the halls, let’s make this place better to be in! Yay! Cheesy!


So, that’s it for this article. Remember to keep making friends and paying attention in class, and doing your homework. Do what it takes to survive! So, until next time!

Stay Fresh(Man)



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