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2018-2019 Staff

Anna Hartwick


Anna is the President and Fiction Editor for the Lightning Letter. Mostly, she enjoys investigating topics and publishing under Opinion or News. Other things she enjoys includes books, old music that no one listens to, and camping. She is a sophomore. You can contact her by at [email protected]

Olivia Bauer

Vice President

Olivia is a writer for the Lightning Letter. She is a junior at Legacy High School, and loves to write, sing, and travel. She also enjoys being active in her community and politically aware, as a member of the Broomfield Teen Council. Olivia couldn't live without vanilla lattes and cozy sweaters, and her favorite movie is Lady Bird. She is very excited to be a part of the Letter and write for topic...

Corinne Neustadter

Vice Secretary

Corinne is a writer for the Letter and is a senior. She is politically active, having become a campaign intern and is Chair of the SCFD Teen Council. She enjoys reading, skiing, procrastinating, and playing the flute. Her favorite books are Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and Noggin by John Corey Whaley. Corinne loves Doctor Who, the Black Keys, and Fitz & the Tantrums. She...

Zaidee Bennett

Main Editor

Zaidee is the main editor for the Lightning Letter. She likes reading, writing, and watching movies. Her life is a constant struggle between wanting to correct people's grammar and wanting to have friends. She is currently a sophomore. Contact Zaidee at [email protected]

Isabella Hammond

News Editor

Bella is the News Editor for the Lightning Letter. She is a sophomore who loves reading, writing, and obsessing over fictional characters. Her favorite book is Skulduggery Pleasant and her favorite singer is Ruelle. Bella is the best person to talk to if you hate a book or movie. If you need to email me for editing: [email protected]

Kaylen Koscielicki

Sports Adviser

Kaylen is a senior, photographer, writer, and a procrastinator. She is considered the mystery of Newspaper. President and Founder of Writers Club and founding member of Newspaper.   Contact Her Email: [email protected] Phone: 303-419-9765

Alexis Fierstein

Opinion Editor

She's a Junior at Legacy and loves math, art, and writing. Lexi spends her summer in Florida and her winter skiing in Colorado. She is obsessed with Disney, Doctor Who, and Mermaids. She is a professional Mermaid and is often seen wearing a tail in the water or scales walking around school. Alexis is the editor for the Opinion section of the Lightning Letter. If you want to submit something for...

Andrew Hammond

Advice Editor

Andrew is into video games, books, Youtube and basically anything else that can help him procrastinate. He is in tenth grade, a nerd, and is here to help you solve your problems! (While ignoring his own.) Writing Interests: Advice His contact info: [email protected]

Damon Marquand

Photography Editor

If he needs to be contacted for any photography you wish to be published please email him at [email protected] Damon Marquand is a junior, photographer, technology fan, and outdoorsman. Also he is the head of the photography division in the news paper.

Kandice Chandra

Staff Member

Kandice likes writing stories about all sorts of things in a wide variety, and she's excited to be a part of the new newspaper and share her stories with the school! She's a junior, and spends most of her time in the pool swimming. When she does get some spare time, she loves paddle boarding, reading, and just hanging out. Some random facts about Kandice are that she has Harry Potter's birthday and...

Whitney Le

Staff Member

Whitney is one of the newest members of the Lightning Letter Club. She mostly enjoys mathematics, learning, assisting others with school work, etc. Although she dislikes people in general, she would still socialize with others, so just come up and talk to her. Writing Interests: Advice, Entertainment, and Opinion. Contact Whitney at [email protected]

Maddy Coen

Staff Member

Maddy focuses on photographing, the arts, and sports. She attends all of the plays, musicals and sports that Legacy puts on. Writing Interests: Arts and photography Contact Info: [email protected]

Kenny Hora

Staff Member

Kenny loves programming, coding, and math. He enjoys building useless (and sometimes useful) things. Interests: Science, Technology, Opinion Contact Info: [email protected] (school), [email protected] (personal)

Ainsley Cox


Ainsley would like you to know that she will find @Skobolts.   Writing Interests: Opinion, cultural, political   You can contact Ainsley at [email protected]

Isabelle Atha

Staff Member

Isabelle is currently a sophomore. She loves to write short stories, read, and travel. Isabelle has a dog and cat and she also likes play the violin and piano. Writing Interests: Fiction, Opinion, Entertainment You can contact her at [email protected]

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