Lightning Letter’s Current Event Competition

Lindsay Uba

Lightning Letter is hosting its FIRST competition where you can submit a self-created article about any current event! This event can be a large matter (i.e. a worldwide pandemic) or a personal matter (i.e. a Broomfield charity). The articles will be graded, and the top 3 will be published on our website. Below are the requirements:

  • Current events must’ve occurred/begun DURING or AFTER January 2022
  • Current events must RELATE to Legacy and/or establish IMPORTANCE
  • At least 550 words or more
  • At least ONE visual (i.e. cover image, infographic, picture, etc.)

The articles will be graded on:

  • Writing mechanics (i.e. grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • Relevance/importance

To submit, follow the directions on the Google Form: It will require your name, grade, email, article, and a brief reason on why you want your article published. Make sure that your article can be accessed by ANYONE in Adams 12. Any additional feedback is encouraged, but not required.

Submissions are due by May 6th at 3:45 pm. Winners will be notified on May 11th.

For additional inquiries, contact Lindsay Uba at: [email protected]