Entertainment review squid game

Colin Womack

*dont watch this show if you dont like blood/gore*


Squid game is a South Korean survival drama/thriller series. I would give it a 6/5 rating. The concept of this show is very simple, yet it is done in an amazing way. 456 people, including our hero Gi-Hun, who are all in debt of hundreds of millions or even billions of won ($1 is about 1,177 won), are visited by a character dubbed ” The Businessman” and challenged to a game of ddakji. This is a game that involves two small envelopes or squares. One person would toss theirs onto the ground, and the other would throw theirs in a way that would flip the other person’s envelope over. All 456 people are offered 100,00o won (about $85) if they can beat the Businessman. If the Businessmen wins, he slaps the other person, “shaving off 100,000 per slap”. Along with the 100,000 won, the winner gets a card with a cryptic triangle, square and circle on one side, and a phone number on the other, and information about another game with a larger prize. To enter, they have to call the number, state their name and birthday, and they will receive information about where to be that night at midnight. A car pulls up, they climb in and the next thing Gi-Hun knows, he is in a bed in a large room with 455 other people. He is number 456, being the last to accept the invitation. All 456 people participate in Red Light, Green Light, with 100,000,000 won (about $84939) being added to the “pot” with every player eliminated. After six games, [haha watch the show to find out] won the games and went home with 45.5 billion won (nearly 40 million dollars).


Squid game fun facts because I want to procrastinate my chemistry homework

Squid Game is actually a Korean children’s game, a deadly version of which is played in the show

Netflix originally wanted Squid Game to be called “Round 6”, but decided on the directors original choice of “Squid Game” because it is a more cryptic title, and also the actual Squid Game is played in the last episode

Squid Game was originally supposed to be a movie, but it was changed to a show because it was “too rushed” as a movie. A lot of plot points, such as Player 111’s secret operation, and the backstory of the Squid Games, the undercover police and other (haha watch the show to find out) were added.

The 2020 Games were the 33rd games, showing it had been going on since 1987, and had been completely secret since

Squid Game is almost completely in Korean, with English subtitles