Nachos and The Christmas tree

Nachos and The Christmas tree

A very great tradition at the McKennly household was Nachos on Christmas Eve. It had happened for years, ever since Emery–the oldest kid–was born. Emery’s mother was too lazy to cook anything else after her daughter had been screaming the whole day. So she made nachos. From that day on, Paige McKennly had made the nachos. Even after the quintuplets were born.

It was December 24th, 2036 when Paige would receive some news that would put a jolt her Christmas. It would come from her husband’s brother’s wife(a mouthful there) Natasha Laurens.

As the quintuplets watched TV, Paige received the call.

“Paige.” Natasha said on the phone, “I don’t think we can make it to Christmas.”

“What?!” Paige said in shock. Natasha had always been at her house for Christmas. Break the tradition what will you break next?

“I know, I’m sorry. But it’s because of the incident.”

“Classified or unclassified?” Paige asked, but she could almost see Natasha’s head shaking in a no. It was confirmed by Natasha saying classified.

“And one more thing,” Natasha said. “Matt’s sending Miranda over.”

Paige acted like she was okay with that. But really she was opposed to just Miranda coming over. There was something about that girl. When she left, her younger kids know things they shouldn’t. Miranda knows things she shouldn’t. But Paige assumed she’d get better with age.



Chase McKennly squeezed his brother Matt as tight as he could. Being the older brother always seemed to bring perks for Chase. He could hug his brother as long as he wanted.

“Dad?” Chase’s son said. “Aren’t you squeezing Uncle Matt to hard?”

“Of course not Clint.” Chase laughed. “Matt’s always fine with this.”

“If I do that to Cody he burns me.” Clint commented.

“Say ‘hi’ to Miranda kids.” Chase called down the stairs. Six children emerged, into the kitchen. Emery was the oldest. Orange hair that went just below her shoulders. She was the only one who didn’t have a twin. Dubbed “the lonely child by her sisters.” But the eleven-year-old had more friends than anyone could imagine.

The oldest quintuplet was Chandler. Like the rest of the quintuplets, she had dirty blonde hair and blue-green eyes. The fastest girl on the track team, with a few personal sports records at nine-years-old. Had the normal amount of friends unlike her older sister’s thirty-thousand.

The second oldest quintuplet was Cornelia. Named after her grandmother, Cornelia took after her fiery passion too. Her millions of ocean photos had earned her full fridge privileges. Cornelia was also a passionate actor. Often acting to get out of math. Only once a week of course.

The middle quintuplet was none other than Clint. He had always be know for being the least likely to act out. The good child, sometimes. Clint’s sarcastic comments sometimes make a good point. Leaving his parents pondering their lives instead of punishing him. Clint is known for his great camera skills.

Fourth oldest was the crazy Cody. Last seen running around the neighborhood burning things for no reason. Okay, he was never that bad. Only starting fires in fire pits and occasionally burning his computer. While he may seem like the kid who gets in trouble, he actually has the best grades out of all his siblings.

Finally there was Cambrie. But she always goes by Brynn. No one questioned why. Cody just started calling her Brynn after a TV show character, and it stuck. She was the loudest person in the room. Brynn is slightly annoying fulling the role of youngest sibling. If shooting people with foam arrows counts as being annoying.

And then there was Miranda Cove Laurens, the weird cousin who shows up. Or that’s what Chase called her the day she was born.

“I have to go.” Matt told Chase. “I got a thing to do.”

“No!” Miranda yelled. “Don’t leave me with these weird people!”

“It’ll be okay. You’ll just stay with your aunt and uncle for a little while. This will all be over soon.” Matt smiled.

“What will be over soon? It’s just beginning.” Miranda replied. Matt’s smile faded. The whole family figured Miranda was just crazy–or just had a crazy imagination. So Paige shrugged off the comment. And so did the rest of the family.

“Miranda? Do you want to hang out with your cousins?” Paige asked.

“When’s dinner?” Was Miranda’s first question.

The snow had began falling onto the ground. Paige noticed three of her quintuplets outside. Paige pointed outside as if to suggest Miranda to go. She nodded and put on her jacket.


“Incoming!” Brynn screamed. One of her toy arrows hit the ground. Cody looked around in pretend shock. Brynn and Cody often played these games of cops and robbers. But Brynn always had to get a different item. Today Cody went dark and decided Brynn would have to save a pretend person–named Jonas.

Clint confidently held the camera and Brynn yelled pretend threat to Cody. Saying something about how Brynn would end up like Jonas. Then Miranda stepped over, joining in the game.

“I’d like to see you try to make me end up like Jonas.” Miranda said, before asking, “Who’s Jonas?”

“The person Cody Fire has taken prisoner.” Brynn said playfully. The four kids outside laughed. And played, while Paige prepared the nacos. But only Chandler noticed the news report on the TV.

“Mom?” Chandler asked. “What’s going on in New York?”

“Christmas celebration. What else would there be?”

“I don’t know.” Chandler said sarcastically. “A real life Avengers movie.”

Paige actually turned toward the TV and saw the buildings up in flames. Holes in once famous places, and unrecognizable apartments. She stared in shock.

“This happened only a few days ago.” Chandler commented. “You should really keep up with the news Mom.”

Now Paige knew why Emery hadn’t left her room. The person she considered her best friend to New York City. Emery must’ve thought he was dead. How inconsiderate of her.

Paige watched as Chase and Cornelia decorated the tree. Chase spilled the tinsel all over himself and Cornelia laughed. Her camera was cracked on the floor. For the first time, Paige noticed how much her kids had changed in the last few years. The old hobbies wouldn’t fit them anymore.

But maybe old traditions would.

Paige called her whole family in for the nacos. All eight–nine–of the family members rushed to the table. Taking plates and pulling out cheesy nachos and shoving them into their faces. Not a care in the world.

Would this day come back to haunt them later? Ghosts from when they ignored the events in New York City? The very Christmas Miranda said that it was: “Just the beginning.”

We will never know.