How to not be addicted to your phone

By: Andrew Hammond


Your phone can be a very helpful device, but in the classroom, it can become the bane of your grade’s existence, be the reason your banned from the movie theater, or  why your parents are making you go on 10 mile hikes. So, to avoid all this, let’s learn how to learn how to get off your phone.


Turn off your phone: Sometimes your phone can be distracting just by existing, but you can try to stop the temptation by turning your phone off. If it’s off, it should be harder to get distracted by it in class, ruin the movie for everyone near you, and more.


Turn on airplane mode: If you’re on your phone constantly, but still want to be able to check the time, try putting your phone on airplane mode. That should keep away some of the distractions.


If necessary, delete any distracting apps: This should only be a last resort if you can’t be focused, but if you can’t get off your phone, the solution may just be to get rid of the distraction. It’s better to learn how to do so here and not at your next job.


If you truly need more help with your phone, ask your friends, trusted adults or anyone else to help. So, be a decent human being and try to be nice!